Walk-through of Screen Ruler 4

Key features:
• An intuitive, minimalist interface
• Universal shortcuts allow Screen Ruler tools to be called at any time
• Take accurate measurements anywhere on your screen
• Measure in pixels, mm, cm, inches, points, or picas
• Get colors in RGB (hex or decimal), CMYK, CGColor, glColor4f, NSColor, or UIColor
• Two methods to measure: click and drag, or click-move-click
• Proportional measurements can be obtained by holding the shift key
• The Persistent Ruler option allow you to leave a ruler on-screen as long as desired
• Works with multiple displays and supports Retina display
• Supports Mac OS 10.7 or higher.

Screen Ruler is the ultimate toolset for anyone that works with digital graphics, including: web designers, graphic artists, and programmers.

This app features 4 powerful tools, including: box and line measurement tools for making pixel perfect measurements, a color picker for determining the exact color of a pixel, and a grab image tool for making partial or full screenshots.

Box Measurement Tool The Box Measurement tool provides a way to get the exact pixel width and height of an area anywhere on your display. Persistent rulers can be made to stay on your screen for longer periods.

Line Measurement Tool The Line Measurement tool determines the length and angle between any two pixels.

Color Picker Tool The Color Picker tool provides an easy way to obtain the color code of any pixel. Supported formats include: web-ready RGB hex or decimal, CMYK, as well as many Xcode-compatible developer codes.

Grab Image Tool The Grab Image tool allows one to take a partial or full screenshots.

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